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Realized projects

We are very grateful to you for generous support!

Several projects have already been implemented with your donations.

1. We have donated 235 Euro to goshala in Vrindavana. With this amount it is possible to keep one bull or cow in one year.


2. With your help we have printed A.Hakimov’s 4 book series.

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3. With Your help, the book “The Spiritual Warrior – Part 1” is published, author His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami, and Part 2 of this book will be printed shortly.


4. With your support there are realized Sunday programs and maintained deities, totaly 260 EUR has been received.


5. There has been started tile building along the temple frontal cap – along the street.


6. We received and redirected more than 350 eur to support the needy people.


7. With your support, the construction of the roof (hovel) above the “Food For Life” Entrance is complete, which will protect the needy people from rain and snow.


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Contacts (Gaurananda das): donation.krishna@gmail.com